Sunday, February 24, 2013

San Antonio de los Baños it is located 26 km from city Havana and was founded in 1802, is known as "La Villa Ariguanabo" or "La Villa del Humor".The people that live there are called "Ariguanabenses".


It is called "La Villa del Humor" because there was founded the first Museum of Humor in Cuba and they celebrate every two years " The International Biennial of Humor"


Important figures of Political Humor

                     El Bobo de Abela                                                    El Loco de Nuez


Ariguanabo River is symbol of San Antonio de los Baños, the river is born of  its own springs, there are 21springs and it moves from north to south, runs through the whole population and leads to an underground cave to Cajio Beach.


A visit to San Antonio de los Baños


San Antonio de los baños in Biennial 

 San Antonio Abad